Our Services

We are committed and dedicated to providing the optimum level of quality services and satisfaction to our Customers via our uncompromising passion for providing our customers a pleasant life-style thro’ a clean, safe and healthy environment.

Services Offered

  1. Basic Commercial Janitor
  2. Construction and Remodeling Clean-up
  3. Floor Stripping, Waxing & Polishing
  4. Sanitation & Sterilization
  5. Residential Detail Cleaning
  6. Power / Pressure Wash Cleaning
  7. Property Management Cleaning
  8. General Cleaning- Office / house / compound
  9. Glass and window Cleaning (internal /external- highrise buiding)
  10. Carpet cleaning (dry, bonnet and hot steam extraction cleaning)
  11. Car park (initial, general, maintenance plus periodic cleaning)
  12. Air dust cleaning
  13. Grease trap cleaning
  14. Drain cleaning
  15. Graffiti removal
  16. Rubbish disposal
  17. Industrial Building cleaning (internal& external plus high-rise)
  18. Landscape maintenance and clean-up, grass cutting
  19. Toilet De-scaling & steam cleaning